01 Technical Textails

Technical textiles is the emerging area for investment in India. The potential of technical textile in India is still untapped. Technical textiles represent a multi-disciplinary field with numerous end use applications. The production of different items of technical textile industry has been slowly but steadily increasing in the country. However there is lack of information regarding the status of the technical textile industry. The awareness on technical textiles among prospective entrepreneurs and consumers is very less. Hence entrepreneurs require details like market size, domestic and global scenario of technical textiles, details of govt schemes, list of existing technical textile manufacturers, importers and exporters, details of technical textile machinery manufacturers, etc..

02 Our large shade range

There is a need for an exclusive website for technical textiles. Technical Textile sector is one of the most innovative branches of the industry in the world, ranking as one the five high tech sector’s with the greatest potential for development. The success of technical textiles is primarily due to the creativity, innovation and versatility in fibers, yarns and woven/knitted/non woven fabrics with applications spanning an enormous range of uses. The ability of technical textiles to combine with each other and with others to create a new functional products offer unlimited opportunity to growth.