Customer Commitment

  1. Customer provide our jobs. They, and only they, pay our wages and benefits

  2. Options to buy from many sources are available to our customers. We are honored when they choose us.

  3. Many customers place their trust in us by purchasing our products. Their needs are simple. They want the goods shipped as promised and they want the product to perform.

  4. Mistakes are sometimes made by customers. In the heat of business, they may be rude. It is our responsibility to be professional, correct the problem and cheerfully serve them.

  5. If we make a mistake, we will admit it and try to correct it at once.

  6. Total customer satisfaction is ARROW's goal. When we fail, everyone in Arrow Threads shares the blame. We will not blame a supplier, a computer, or another department. We are responsible.

  7. Modern equipment, excellent technology, competent people, and materials of the finest quality are necessary to fulfill the needs of our customers. We believe in charging a fair price, including profit, to sustain these services.

  8. Excellence in every aspect is our objective. Our customers deserve it. We believe "good" is the greatest enemy of excellence.

  9. No product is always perfect. When a customer complaints, he is doing us a favor. Right or wrong, the customer is informing us of his perception of problem. He has the option to buy else where and never tell us why. We will treat each complaint as an opportunity to improve.

  10. The customer is our partner. As our customers prosper, so do we.