01 Embroidary Threads

We supply the brand leading products of Polyester thread, Rayon embroidery thread and Polyester embroidery thread on an exclusive basis throughout the India. Our embroidery thread comes in an array of polyesters, metallic’s, and a mix of other fibbers. We even have machine embroidery thread that glows in the dark or changes colours in the sun! Our embroidery threads are available in many beautiful, eye-catching colours that will help brighten and draw attention to your embroidery work.

02 Our large shade range

gives maximum choice to our customers We have a fine Embroidery thread which is excellent for very detailed stitching. Also available is a superb variety of Metallic thread, to give an extra sparkle. We also supply a large range of Backing Materials on Rolls and Cut Squares to suit your needs. Other accessories available are;- Under Thread, Pre wound Bobbins, Needles, Scissors, Aerosols and Stitch-Erasers.
Polyester thread has 600 shades
Rayon embroidery thread has 500 shades
Polyester embroidery thread has 360 shades