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“Arrow Threads”. We are a sewing thread manufacturing company with greater specialization in industrial sewing. Our establishment dates back to 4 decades and over the time we have evolved as one of the leading thread manufacturing mills in the country.With our HQ based in Bangalore, we have business presence pan India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh ,Middle east, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Europe & Central America and cater to the sewing requirements of apparel industry worldwide.

Our Products

Reliable Hardware Embroidary Threads
We supply the brand leading products of Polyester thread...
Search Engine Optimisation Industrial Threads
Our Industrial Threads are suitable for a wide range of ...
Free 30 Days Trial Technical Textiles
Technical textiles is the emerging area for...
24/ 7 Customer Care Speciality Threads
Arrow Threads has by far the most comprehensive ...
99% Up Time Guarantee Apparel Threads
For variety of garment in the market.We present a wide...
Monthly Data Back Up Consumer Threads
Arrow Threads has developed a ...


Ensure that its operations functioned according to the concerned legislation & globally accepted standards.
Control all environmental issues from their source in practical approach.
Take considerable care to minimize the environmental impact in design & develop products.
Provides required training to employees in environmental awareness practice.
Spreads its environmental policy & practices at the entire levels of the organization.
Minimize waste & energy consumption in practicable areas.

Search environmentally trusted suppliers to purchase materials & services.
Conduct periodical review on its environmental policy.

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Arrow Threads India
No. 6, “Palgota Plaza”, Ashram Road,
Lalbagh Road 4th Cross, Bangalore-560 027, India
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